What to Expect During Your Baby’s First Physiotherapy Visit!

Your doctor has referred your baby for physiotherapy, which can be nerve wracking for some parents. Here is a brief overview of the first visit so that you feel more prepared.

• The first visit is called an Initial Physiotherapy Assessment, which usually lasts approximately 1 hour

• The Physiotherapist will ask you to fill out a few intake forms, and then will chat with you to get some information about your baby’s birth history, general health, gross motor skills and any concerns that you are the doctor may have. This is called the Subjective Assessment

• The Physiotherapist will then ask you to sit on the play mats on the floor with your baby so that the Physiotherapist can then examine your child

• The Physiotherapist will observe your baby’s movements/gross motor skills, check their range of motion, and assess their muscle tone and strength. This is called the Objective Assessment

• Once the Physiotherapist has thoroughly examined your baby, she will discuss what her findings were and will start treatment right away

• A thorough home program will be provided and taught to you with explanations and pictures. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions or discuss any concerns

• A follow-up physiotherapy appointment will be booked and a plan will be discussed

• The physiotherapist will then write a brief letter to your referring Doctor with a summary of the Initial Assessment

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