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Patient Reviews

“Thanks Tanya for being Taya’s awesome Physiotherapist!!! She has come a very long way and although was a little delayed in crawling and walking, has been hitting every developmental milestone because of your help! We appreciate everything you do and look forward to our next sessionJ See you soon!"  - Catherine G    September 2016

“We are very pleased to have Tanya for our Physiotherapist. She is very knowledgeable and innovative in her approaches to therapy. She shows great professionalism and is always very accommodating to my daugther’s needs. In addition, she takes great pride in understanding her client’s and their cues so that they can gain most from the sessions.” -  Gina Bonetti     September 2016

“I met Tanya five years ago when my eldest son was 4 months old.  He was premature and I was concerned about his physical development.  With her support and treatments and belief in early intervention, he was able to improve his strength and gross motor skills.  When my younger son showed signs of delayed gross motor milestones at 6 months, I didn't think twice about calling Tanya to get her professional opinion and to start any necessary therapy.

Tanya was always knowledgeable and professional and had a multitude of resources to draw from.  She adapts to the needs of all her patients and if one exercise was not creating the desired changes, she always provided alternate exercises that suit the child.  My older son still enjoys coming to visit Tanya when his little brother has a session and our family is thankful for her commitment to our sons and their physical development.

I would recommend Tanya to any family that is looking for a physiotherapist who has a genuine love for children and a passion for their physical well being.” -  Catherine Christie   October 2016

“My twin daughter, Isabelle, was told at 2 months of age that she presented with moderate signs of torticollis and plagiocephaly.  Hearing this from my paediatrician immediately brought me to tears. Not only did I have to manage being a new mom to twins, but now I had to focus on Isabelle’s treatment and weather or not her neck and head shape would ever fall within normal range.

Meeting Tanya was a dream. She immediately made me/us feel comfortable and confident that with Isabelle’s weekly visits and her home exercise program, that her neck would strengthen and her face asymmetry would correct itself over the course of her first year of life.

Isabelle and I would like to thank Tanya from the bottom of our hearts for being so easy to work with and most importantly for the new friend Isabelle and I have forged. We completely trusted you and would recommend you to any of our dearest friend and family!" - Yvonne Niedermuller  September 2016

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